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The Experts Rave

“Reading this wonderful book, I feel as if I’m sitting in the room with Barbara as she talks with our staff about the issues they are facing. As early childhood leaders and directors, we need to model the acceptance and understanding that children aren’t trying to challenge us—they are trying to communicate their critical needs to us. We have to learn their “language” by being astute observers, acknowledging our own biases, and assisting children to form much-needed relationships with caring adults. Accepting and including a child who challenges us will benefit that child, that family, the teaching staff, and the entire community.”

—Mary Graham, Executive Director, Children’s Village, Philadelphia

“While many books and resources discuss how to manage children’s challenging behavior, be an effective program leader, or address issues of equity, this is the first book to weave these three important topics together. Leaders will find vital information and tools to ensure that the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all children in a program are being addressed so they can be successful.”

—Mary Louise Hemmeter, Professor of Special Education, Vanderbilt University

“Children measure their worth by how adults treat them. When a child finds that his voice or actions offend a teacher, he often clamps down or amps up in response. Kaiser and Rasminsky offer leaders compassionate, culturally informed strategies teachers can delight in using so they do not continually feel exhausted by children’s exuberant or defensive self-expression.”

—Holly Elissa Bruno, Author on emotional intelligence, trauma, and recovery

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